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Messiah Camrose Worship ServiceSunday Morning Worship at 10:30am MT
Cry Room available
Communion – all are welcome.
Children’s service during morning worship
Broadcast on Cable 10 (normal) 310 (high definition) and 610
Streamed Live on YouTube. Search for Messiah Camrose.

Holy Communion is a means of grace through which the crucified and risen Christ awakens faith, saves, forgives, unites, gives life, comforts and strengthens God’s people for the work to which they are called in the world. We are committed to Eucharistic hospitality. Baptized persons of Lutheran and other Christian faith communities are welcome at the Lord’s table.

We value the presence of children among us.

If you should feel that your child needs a time-out, you may wish to use the cry room at the back of our worship space or our unsupervised nursery which is located through the rear double-doors of the church.

Accomodating Special Needs

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Hearing headphones
  • Gluten-free wafers
  • Shut-in Communion
  • Television broadcasts

All areas in the basement level and main floor at Messiah are wheelchair accessible.

The elevator located in the link descends to the lower basement level where a lift is available for transfer to the upper basement level.  (Keys are required for the lift. Check at the church office.)

Hearing headphones are available at the Welcome Centre at the back of the sanctuary.

At Holy Communion, gluten-free wafers are available. They are placed on the baptismal font for worshippers to select as they come forward for communion.

Communion is provided for shut-ins as requested.