Church Council

President - Odell Olson

Vice President - Carolyn Andersen

Secretary - Carol Green

Treasurer - Ivar Saugen


1.   Church Council


1.1             Composition


1.1.A          The membership of the Church Council shall be the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and five members at large.


1.2             Scope of Authority


1.2.A          Church Council is authorized to act on behalf of the Congregation between meetings of the Congregation and receives its authority by election of the Congregation.

1.2.B          Church Council is authorized to take on expenses within the budget approved by the Congregation and when it has been given specific authority by the Congregation to take action in special circumstances.


1.2.C          Church Council and each of its members shall act according to the Constitution, Bylaws, policies, procedures and decisions of the Congregation.


1.2.D          Policies and procedures shall be approved, reviewed and amended at a congregational meeting if council feels the matter is of sufficient importance to require that level of consideration or if such action is requested in writing by members of the Congregation in accordance with the Constitution: Article IX. Section 2. d or Article IX. Section 3.


1.2.E           A member of Church Council receives his/her authority by the election of the Congregation.


1.2.F           A member of Church Council acts within the authority given to Church Council and as defined by the responsibilities given to that member.


1.3             Responsibilities


1.3.A          Leadership


1.3.A.1   to lead the Congregation in stating its mission, long range planning, setting goals and priorities, and evaluating its activities in the light of its mission and goals


1.3.A.2   to recommend a budget to the annual meeting of the Congregation


1.3.A.3   to decide which member at large shall act as liaison with which Standing Committee


1.3.B          Relationships


1.3.B.1   to emphasize the partnership of the Congregation with The Synod of Alberta and the Territories and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and encourage support for the work of the church at large


1.3.C          Peace and Harmony


1.3.C.1   to promote congregational unity and good will, fostering mutual understanding in times of conflict, and exercising discipline, when necessary, under the provision of the constitution


1.3.C.2   to arbitrate special concerns on matters affecting one or more Committees in order to promote unity and the welfare of the Congregation


1.3.C.3   to receive, either as a group or individually, representation from any member of the congregation or from an employee, on any topic of concern to that member or employee


1.3.D          Personnel


1.3.D.1   to facilitate an annual evaluation of the Senior Pastor’s ministry and to assist the Senior Pastor in establishing goals for the following year that are specific, attainable and measurable


1.3.D.2   to review regularly staffing needs, evaluating them in light of the congregation’s priorities


1.3.D.3   to give final approval to all staffing recommendations


1.3.D.4   to provide support for the pastor(s) and staff, to assist them in reviewing and evaluating their ministry, and to ratify annually their financial compensation


1.3.E           Process


1.3.E.1    to facilitate regular review of The Governance Manual


1.3.E.2    to develop such policies and procedures as it deems necessary while respecting the scope of its authority. A copy of such policies and procedures shall be available for members upon request


1.3.E.3    to meet monthly except in December, July and August


1.3.E.4    to set the date for congregational meetings and for the Annual Planning Meeting, and to approve the agendas


1.3.E.5    to appoint a Nominating Group, chaired by the Vice-President, at its January meeting


1.3.F           Standing Committees


1.3.F.1    to provide orientation for members of Standing Committees to undertake their responsibilities


1.3.F.2    to engage each Standing Committee in the congregation’s planning, goals and priorities


1.3.F.3    to make provision in the budget for the mission and ministry of the Standing Committees


1.3.F.4    to make provision in the budget for a contingency fund to make it possible to respond to new requests from Standing Committees



1.3.G          Reporting


1.3.G.1   to provide a written report of its activities to the Annual Meeting, including a listing of policies and procedures to which it made amendments during the year together with a general description of the changes made.


1.4             President


1.4.A          presides at meetings of the Council and of the Congregation


1.4.B          plans Church Council meeting agendas


1.4.C          acts as the official spokesperson of the Council and of the Congregation


1.4.D          ensures that all decisions are documented accurately in minutes, policies and other documents


1.5             Vice-President


1.5.A          presides at the meetings of the Council and of the Congregation in the absence of the President


1.5.B          chairs the Nominating Group


1.6             Secretary


1.6.A          keeps the minutes of the Council and of the Congregation in a volume, provided by the Congregation, which shall be permanently preserved in the congregational archives


1.6.B          distributes minutes, policies and other documents in a timely manner


1.6.C          ensures that a current copy of The Governance Manual is maintained and that the documents contained in it are readily available


1.6.D          oversees the maintenance of  the congregational archives


1.6.E           ensures compliance with reporting requirements of the Synod of Alberta and the Territories and the Province of Alberta regarding the Constitution and Bylaws


1.7             Treasurer


1.7.A          shall have custody of all funds of the Congregation and shall receive and disburse such funds in accordance with the decisions of the Congregation and of the Council


1.7.B          gives management direction to staff members who administer the financial matters of the Congregation


1.7.C          oversees the process of developing a budget


1.7.D          works closely with the Support Committee in financial matters


1.7.E           provides a written financial report at each Council meeting


1.7.F           presents an audited statement to the Congregation annually


1.7.G          recommends financial policies and procedures to Council


1.7.H          provides regular written financial reports to each Standing Committee of expenditures and budget matters related to that Committee


1.7.I            makes available a written report of all financial transactions upon request


1.8             Member at Large


1.8.A          serves as a liaison between Council and one of the Standing Committees


1.8.B          develops a working relationship with the Standing Committee that will enable the member at large to exercise the responsibilities of this position


1.8.C          is completely versed in the responsibilities of a specific Standing Committee as well as its actions and deliberations


1.8.D          draws Council’s attention to matters in the report of the Standing Committee that require Council action


1.8.E           arranges for a presentation at a Council meeting by representatives of the Standing Committee when necessary or requested


1.8.F           keeps members of the Standing Committee apprised of Council activities specifically related to the areas of responsibility of the Standing Committee


1.9             The Executive


1.9.A          shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.


1.9.B          has the authority to act in the stead of Church Council for such purposes and/or at such times as the Council shall determine in advance. This may include provision for dealing with matters that may arise when Council does not meet in December, July and August.